About Us

Monologix, Inc. ("Monologix") was founded in 2010 and focuses on online education and booking platform, creating an all-in-one vertically integrated solution for partners and their customers.

Our Mission

Delivering exceptional customer service to both our partners and end users is our top priority. We aim to offer rapid response, innovative user experience, and streamline business solutions that enhance our partners' lives and ensure delighted customers.

Company Description

Monologix, Inc. ("Monologix") was founded in 2010 by two childhood friends in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Starting with a focus on online education the company expanded operations by creating an innovative all-in-one vertically integrated booking platform solution for partners and their customers. For Online Education, we strive to provide interactive courses, with initial focus on the outdoor education vertical. For our Booking Platform, we strive to provide a one-stop shop solution for partners, creating a better experience and efficiencies for our partners' employees and their customers.We pride ourselves on customer service and listening to all stakeholders to improve our products and services.

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